paul marxhausen

I've been doing music in Nebraska since, um, about 1964, I guess, if you want to go back to the very first time I picked up a violin.  The world will go on happily without my documenting it all on-line, but there are couple of resources I've put together in recent years that other musicians might care to look at.  They are:

today your mercy calls us  -  a collection of songs for contemporary worship, these include both updated pop versions of many Lutheran hymns, and also quite a few brand new worship songs I've written.  Resources include scores, sound files, lyrics, PowerPoint slides, everything you need if any of these catches your ear.

Musicians' Injuries web page - in roughly 1994, instrumental playing and heavy computer use caught up with my body and took away all my instruments for a very extended period of time.  I began to put resources about musicians' injuries - books, tapes, web sites, newsgroup postings - up on a website that, in connection with a related website on computer-related repetitive strain injuries, has grown greatly in scope and includes an expanding list of patient-recommended health care professionals.  Thankfully  I've recovered my ability to play and use my hands.

Notes from the Fireplace Lots of personal recordings ... besides a backlog of these from past years, hoping to record and post sketches, noodlings, etc., recorded here at my desk beside the fireplace.